All of our products are available in the most unique styles – because we make a point of high quality and inimitability every tail is one of a kind!

Every single mermaid tail is being built by hand and made to measure.
By choosing your own colours and details you can create YOUR tail! But please understand that we donĀ“t want to – and will never do so – craft exact copies of tails made by other shops on the internet!

Taking measurements
“material sience”

Choose from three catagories according to desired use and materials:

waterproof with high percentage of textiles, also available without monofin

thinner supporting material, more details, including monofin

optional made with platinum silicone ONLY and with lots of special details possible

We only use two part addition platinum-cure silicone!
All textiles are Oeko-Tex-certified according to manufacturer informations.

Because of this there are no dangerous reaction products while producing the tails!
The product is exceptionally well tolerated by the skin, non-hazardous and food safe.
The mechanical toughness of the material even complys with the strict demands of special-effects-artists and orthopaedic technicians.